Parenthood is all about sacrifice. Or it should be. It’s self-sacrifice. It’s doing what is best for your child and not what’s most comfortable for you. It’s asking your child to do tough stuff that you can’t do for him while your heart breaks for him. Or worrying so much you can’t imagine how your pounding heart is still in your chest.

Sacrifice for the love of your child is something you do joyfully. Or you should. But it’s not about you – ever. No one, and certainly the child, must ever know how much you’ve suffered for her.

This does not mean you are an indulgent parent who gives in to every request. But it’s about “pruning”, saying no when a child needs to learn from the consequences of his actions, or hers.

It’s being concerned about the content of a child’s character and not about what the world says a parent should do or give or say. It’s about meeting needs, not fulfilling wants.

It is about letting go, not about you being left alone. Being a mother means loving so much that you help your child to be independent even when she doesn’t want to be. Even when you don’t want him to be.


Parenthood means indescribable joy and unspeakable sadness at times. It’s a privilege to teach and to nurture, and to watch a child go on to what God has planned for them.


It’s asking God for wisdom in rearing a child so that they are respectful, productive, compassionate citizens of the world.

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